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About Us

Established in 1998, Shenzhen Ussharp Cutting Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of CNC tools and mechanical parts. Our products include Solid carbide end mills, HSS mills, Brazed carbide cuting tools, Carbide inserts, Cermet inserts, Turing tool holders, Milling insert holders, collets, chucks, etc. With continuious support from our customers and hardworking of USSHARP team, our products are well accepted in the Domestic and International Market. We have skilled and talentengineers and staff who are ready to support you at any time,  we have advanced equipments . and we have strict procedures to assure quality at every stage from purchasing, manufacturing to delivery. All our products are manufactured as per the International Standard Specification, and, your customized requirements are warmly accepted as well. Located in Shenzhen with various and convenient access to major transportation networks, we provide various and efficient delivery ways. 

Our aim is to supply our customer quality products at competitive price.

Our policy:

“Promise”-- Do what I promised to our customers

“Professional”-- Provide quality products and professional service to our customers

“Prompt”-- Quickly response customers’requirement

“Cooperation”-- Team working spirit, practise Win-Win with customers

Our Cutting tools include:
1. Mills in HSS-E, or in Super Micro Grain Carbide with coating
2. Chucks of Mills and Turing Cutters, Holders
2. Cutting inserts in Carbide, PCBN and PCD
3. Drills, Reamers, Grinding Wheels, etc
4. CVD Diamond, Wire-drawing inserts
Our precision spare parts include:
1. Spare parts of high speed stamping Dies and Injection Molds
2. Spare parts of precision machinery.


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