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Basic information

Name: Micro Grain Carbide End Mills for ALU 2F

Model: CMAL452-FC


2 Flutes, 45°Helix Angle, Center Cutting. Designed to significantly improve metal removal rate in Aluminum!
Dedicated geometry designs deliver superior surface finish on aluminum parts.
Do roughing and finishing cuts with one tool.
Mainly for slotting, side milling and surface milling operations.
Dedicated for pure Aluminum, Aluminum alloys.

Product details
  • Mills are made of 0.4~0.5μm micro grains of WCTiC and Cobalt, this carbide has very high hardness up to 92.8 HRA, and can remains its hardness in very high cutting temperature. Due to carbide has good thermal conductivity and chemical stability, it keeps mills good cutting performance up to 1000°C, with good anti-adhesive performance. Very sharp cutting edge, special wiper facet, and extended chips exhaust groove, enable mills high cutting efficiency and excellent surface quality. Mills are best suited for applications in aerospace, medical, die, mould, automotive and general engineering fields.

    The common sizes of Mills are listed in below chart.

    Customized sizes of products are available, please feel free to provide your requirements.




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